Red Clay

Consolidated School District

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Mission & Vision

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    Our District Mission

    To deliver a quality education in a safe and secure learning environment where instructional services and programs meet the needs of our diverse student population.


    Guiding Principles 

    Belief and Expectation 

    Ownership of students’ success belongs to the whole school community; all members of the Red Clay community will welcome, support, and share responsibility for each student’s learning. 
    Every student is a general education student. Some students are eligible for additional support services. 
    All students will be respected and valued for their diversity. 
    Highly effective administrators and teachers will hold rigorous expectations and ensure that quality instructional strategies will collaboratively engage all learners. 


    Job-embedded professional development will be infused for administrators and teachers to continuously improve student learning. 
    Professional learning communities will be utilized to ensure meaningful collaboration and ongoing discourse around student data and effective instructional strategies. 
    Partnerships and collaboration with families and community providers, which are essential for student success, will be established. 

    Structures, Supports, and Resources 

    The District will provide an inclusive education by creating a “school-based continuum of services” with an array of flexible schedules, supports, and services to ensure that all students have access to and are engaged in learning the core curriculum. 
    District leadership will commit to the comprehensive examination and realignment of appropriate structures, supports, and resources necessary to enable every school to have the capacity to provide all students with high-quality instruction. 
    District and school policies and practices will support an inclusive philosophy. 

     Our Vision 

    All members of the Red Clay community will demonstrate the belief and expectation that every student be given equal opportunity and equal access to a high quality inclusive education with the ultimate goal of being college and/or career ready. 


    All Red Clay schools will develop a greater capacity to teach all learners. The Red Clay School District is committed to continuous improvement through examining and realigning appropriate structures, supports, and resources for the instruction of all students in all schools. 

    Our Goals

    To clearly define our path and frame our agenda, we have established five goals: 


    GOAL 1 Every classroom will have a highly effective educator led by highly effective administrators. School improvement begins and ends with outstanding classroom teaching. We will focus on ensuring that our students are challenged and inspired every day by master educators. 


    GOAL 2 All students will read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. In order to ensure that every student succeeds, we must strive to prevent reading failure from the start of our students’ educational experience. A focus on early literacy will help us to fulfill our mission by providing our K–3 teachers with critical, job-embedded professional development opportunities that are designed to improve their instructional practice in the teaching of literacy. 


    GOAL 3 Schools will continue to close the achievement gap for all students, with a particular focus on our English Language Learners and students with disabilities. We will demand high expectations of all students, and provide strong support systems to meet their unique learning needs. 


    GOAL 4 All students will graduate college- and career-ready. In order to compete in the expanding global economy, attain professional success, and achieve personal fulfillment, all Red Clay students must graduate well-prepared for the academic and nonacademic challenges of life after high school. 


    GOAL 5 Parents and the community will be engaged in the education of students. To ensure student success, we will work to build lasting relationships between our schools and the Red Clay community as we engage families in meaningful and culturally respectful ways.