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  • In Social Studies, sixth grade students have been learning about finances. They had a two week unit with Junior Achievement. They learned about saving, investing, and budgeting. They are exciting to put into practice what they learned when we go on a field trip to Junior Achievement Finance Park. Students will be given a virtual situation and they will be challenged to manage their expenses. Our trip will be on March 2nd.


    Sixth grade Math students have been busy working wit ratios and proportional reasoning.  They have also solved problems involving percent with tax, tip, and discount.  Many have reported back to the class that they found a tip amount while out to dinner or lunch with their families.  Keep making connections with ratios and percent's and the real-world!

    Our next unit is a geometry unit!  We will focus our studies on area, perimeter, surface area, and volume of different two- and three-dimensional figures.  Have them calculate measurements around the house! 


    6th grade students are very busy in ELA.  We are wrapping up our mystery novel unit and getting ready to present our book reports to the class.  Also, we are working on the culminating writing piece for the Collection 2 unit.  Students have begun work on a literary analysis where they will analyze whether an animal can be a reliable and believable main character and narrator.  Students have analyzed the writing prompt, gathered information, and are presenting organizing the information into a graphic organizer. Once this is complete, they will draft the essay in a Google document and finally cut and paste it into the PEG writing site.

    In sixth grade science we are continuing with our Earth History unit.  Our Rock Show and Tell and test are both this week.  The last part of the this unit is about geologic time.  How old is our Earth?  What evidence do we have about life on Earth before people existed? Students will create Earth history time lines to show the comparative ages of plants, animals, and rocks.

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