Emalea P. Warner

Elementary School

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Warner Super-Staff!

If you look up the definition of the word, a superhero is a “fictional character with superhuman powers.”  Superheroes accomplish the extraordinary feat of turning horrible situations into great acts of heroism through their servitude and their super human abilities! For that reason, Teachers are basically Superheroes. There’s just one difference…………they’re real and they exist in the lives of children all over the world! How’s that possible?

 Number 1: Teachers sacrifice many things for the benefit of their students. Many of them work long hours, use their own resources for classroom supplies, and even risk looking crazy by coming up with songs, dances and rhymes to help their students remember facts. 

 Number 2: Teachers are able to take hopeless situations and turn them into amazing opportunities! Where there are students failing, they invest their time to help them succeed. 

 Number 3: To be a great teacher, you have to have many superpowers! The best teachers are more than just educators and lecturers spouting lesson plans in front of a classroom of students. The best teachers are counselors, advocates, cheerleaders, and sergeants. The list goes on and on.

Thank you

Warner Superhero Teachers