Emalea P. Warner

Elementary School

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Children Create Slime!

Playing with goo is a great “Sensory Play” activity. Sensory Play helps children understand all five of their senses:  touch, smell, taste, see, and hear.  When several senses are stimulated during play, children get more opportunities to explore, discover, and develop their own creativity at their individual pace.

 Language– Sensory play allows children to use descriptive expressive language, and helps them find a sense of meaning behind a word. Take for instance the word “gooey.”  If a child never felt goo, how would he be able to describe it? Playing with goo allows kids to experience the texture and the sense of goo. And once they experience it, then they can describe it with words and their own thoughts.  This will build a child’s vocabulary and increase her understanding of new words!

 Cognitive- Sensory play helps children to learn problem solving by measuring, mixing, and cleaning up. :)   Being able to dig, dump, pour, and create helps strengthen problem-solving skills.

 Social and Emotional- Skills are developed by children having control of their actions and experiences, providing them with confidence that they can create and design…all while having FUN!

 Fine Motor- Fine Motor skills are developed while children are squeezing, pinching, picking up, and moving the goo back and forth. This activity will not only strengthen their small muscles, but it will help develop their pencil grip, which sets them up for greater success when manipulating a pencil.